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EPS Training Center 


All officers are required by the state to complete basic security training.  Elite Protective Services requires completion of additional training curriculum and preparatory courses for certifications. Site specific on-the-job training and on-site inspections prepare and maintain the officers compliance with client's expectations. Additional trainings like the list below increases the officers preparedness and customer service. We go beyond the expectations of the client to produce exceptional service.


Licensing and Certifications:

 Non-commission Officer 

Commission Officer

Personal Protection Officer

First Aid/CPR/AED

High Rise Training

Pre-Employment Training

On-the-Job Training

Continual Training Program

Basic Security Training Program:

Introduction to Security

Uniform & Equipment

Customer Service

Officer Safety

Medical Emergency

Fire Safety

Emergency Procedures

Crowd Control/Evacuations

Writing Reports

*Report Writing

Traffic Control

Patrolling I

Patrolling II

Foot Patrol

Terrorist Patrols

Basic Supervision


Sensitivity Training:

De-escalation Training

ADA Etiquette

Harassment and Workplace Violence

Anger Management 1

Anger Management 2


Grievance & Policy Violation

Click here to submit a grievance.

Elite Protective Services, LLC will conduct a thorough investigation of any possible ethics or compliance violations, allegations of harassment, retaliation and violations of laws. Employees that have been determined to commit such violations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to but not limited to termination

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State Regulated Site all payments go to Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau. All licensing is subject to and approved by DPS - Texas Online Private Security (TOPS).

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Submit Documents to DPS


De-escalation Video 1

De-escalation Video 2

De-escalation Video 3

Workplace Violence Video

Anger Management Video 1

Anger Management Video 2

Conflict Resolution Video 1

Conflict Resolution Video 2

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